Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anna Nova

Firstly to Anna Nova it became terrible. Anna Nova in general was the shy girl, and for what would disagree to appear in such position at the will. Most of all it frightened not that it is connected, and that one, besides, in darkness. It in general could not explain Anna's behaviour in any way. It willingly could believe, that Jeanne can make such focuses with someone another, but to it up to the end was not trusted, that now it occurs with it. After several attempts to get out of a blanket it became clear, that difficultly, most likely,hot Anna will be impossible. Connected in front of a hand it was impossible neither to lift, nor to put out - they have been pressed to a stomach. To untie hot Anna Nova a scarf on hands too it turned out - fingers could not grope and reach smart units. Everything, that it could do now, it poorly moves and coil, similarly to gusenichke. From attempts to turn sideways only also was to use Anna Nova that there was the dim light which is making the way through a lace and a fabric of a blanket cover on contours of a corner closed it. From frequent attempts to be liberated its breath has become frequent, to breathe it became more difficult.